Looking for Ash Trees in Abbotts Ann

Thanks very much to Alex Marshall, who contacted me with these photographs of Ash Trees that she and Wendy Davis located, with the help of the Identifying Ash Trees blog post.

Wendy and I have been inspired by your AshTreeStream blog posts to go out and look for ash trees in Abbotts Ann. We were pretty amazed at just how many Ash trees there were!

We are also hoping to create some ash-themed artwork over the weekend, based on our daily walks – will keep you posted how that goes…

I’m looking forward to the artwork that Alex has been making. If you are able to get out and about and locate your own local Ash trees, please get in touch with a photo, and some information about where you are and what you noticed, we’d love to share them. Then maybe you could use the suggestions in the Making Art with Ash Trees resource to make some artwork too?

The fresh green leaves that have emerged over the last few weeks are looking beautiful in the Spring sunshine, and the Ash keys are appearing in bright bunches too. Here’s a photo from a tree near to my own house in Wiltshire. Apparently you can pickle Ash keys to eat (here’s a recipe), but if you’re one of the children involved in the project, please do ask an adult before eating any kind of tree seeds.

Published by James Aldridge

Visual Artist and Consultant, working and playing with people and places. Based in Wiltshire, UK

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